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At EQTY HYVE, we believe that real estate development can be an avenue for generational wealth building, which is why we strive to create projects that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our team of professionals works diligently to maximize any available community funds, and pair them with private equity funds to ensure the success of the development project.

We believe that our projects should not only benefit the community economically, but also add to its environmental and social character.


We create value through the development and repositioning of
multifamily, mixed-use and land projects within cultural and rural communities.


  • Secure property

  • Analyzing markets and needs

  • Development of real estate strategies

  • Conducting architectural competitions

  • Conception of area and project developments

  • Community Engagement

  • Calculate fair value estimates

  • Attract investors and users

  • Marketing the property

  • Establish Condo Associations

  • Develop Real Estate Investment Cooperative Models


We strive to provide an exceptional real estate development experience by leveraging our expertise in financial modeling and deep understanding of the market. Our team members are some of the most experienced in the industry, and we consistently strive to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology, trends and innovation. With EQTY HYVE, you can trust that you are working with the best.

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EQTY HYVE has developed and constructed projected in domestically and internationally.  From commercial, social housing, retail, medical facilities, and real estate investment cooperatives,  we are proud of the work we have done for more than two decades.

Total  investment projects in Real Estate

Shopping centers & retail properties



Social housing units (market and affordable)

Senior Living and Assisted Living

Network of real estate, finance, and construction network partners






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